A Major Account Planning tool linked to Hubspot

This is the 3rd post on this topic and hopefully you've read the previous posts Can you add Major Account Planning to HubSpot CRM? and To create Major Account Planning in Hubspot. If you have read these you'll know that my objective is to create Major Account Planning, or Key Account Planning in Hubspot. It's not there and these are my various ideas that I tried until I was able to bring this to life.  

Can I find a great Major Account Planning tool that can be linked to Hubspot?
This is were left off last time. I'd realised there were no fully integrated Add-ins that will work inside Hubspot (this seems to be a limitation or difference between how Hubspot works and how Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics work). But Hubspot CRM is free and for thousands of companies it offers unbelievable features at no cost. And so I thought, can I find a software tool for Major account Planning that was tightly integrated with Hubspot, and could share its data? I couldn't. I found a few fantastic tools for Major Account Planning (more on those later) but, if they worked with any CRM it was None seemed to work with Hubspot. Maybe its because they're software costs about as much as Salesforce, they may have decided no to bother connecting to Hubspot CRM which is free. Or maybe there are technical reasons. Either way there is no solution here.


Can I find any Major Account Planning tool that can be linked to Hubspot?
This was interesting, and became a rabbit hole which I fell down and didn't climb out of for a while. Because as soon as you start googling this you'll get lots of hits. And looking into each takes time (I know because I did the hard yards on this). But the reality is that what they really offer is an alternate CRM system with Key Account or major Account Management included. Now that's valid, and if I was looking for an all-encompassing solution I should start looking here. But that's not what this search is about. I want to find a solution that works with the free version Hubspot CRM and doesn't replace it. And in short, I still didn't find what I was looking for.

PS: I don't think that the research at this stage was a waste of time, though it took a lot of time. The fact is that many companies may start with the free version of Hubspot CRM until they reach a certain size, and at that point they'll need to turn to a grown up platform. So knowing what these options are is valuable - there's a lot more solutions than just the two market leaders. 

And so then I thought; Is there an OpenSource solution Major Account Planning tool that can be linked to Hubspot?

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