And it's not about Technology, People, Services or Customers. It's about all of them!

Businesses everywhere are Transforming to meet the new challenges and opportunties of this digital age. New ventures are being invented, new revenues streams are being discovered along with multiple ways to reduce costs and increase customer value.

But transforming your business successfully means starting at the top. Answering hard questions about 'what you mean by customer value', for'which customers', 'how' they will buy and 'why'. And, of course, why that's better for you! 

These questions go to the core of who you are and how you do business. And we know that it helps to have someone with you to get to the answers you need.  


Transformation is hard. And you need help.

Running your business and changing your business are different skills. We know that it's hard to detatch emotion and be as objective as you must be to get to the answers you need.

Your transformative adaptations may be easy, but they won't be obvious. Considering, sifting, weighing and ultimately discounting other options - that's the hard part. And that's where we'll help. An objective viewpoint from people who have been in your position, and can guide the process and help you with your journey into the future.

I'm Martin


Martin Finn

Co-Founder & CEO

In my career in Sales and Marketing I've been responsible for hundreds of sales people and hundreds of millions in sales. I've created growth, extra-ordinary growth and success. And I've had my taste of failures too: Those projects that didn't work out as planned, and some that just bombed. I've learned that success and failure are available to us all. We have a choice. We can choose success but, if we do, we must recognise that it won't come easy. Failure comes easier, and comes to us all if we don't change and adapt. This is not a new phenomena. Charles Darwin wrote about it, and its as true in business as it is in nature. But there is a difference. In nature, beneficial adaptations are accidental. In your business you can choose to be successful, and choose to adapt to acheive success. And you should!

I have always liked change at work. I think that it adds zest and interest. I have always sought better ways to do the things I was doing. This often involved technology. At first this was in my own companies, but it became a sales and marketing enablement system used by fortune 100 companies worldwide. Today there are lots other systems like it, and there are lots of software tools to help you 'do' new things. Today, the bigger decisions, the ones I love to help to answer, begin 'Why...?' and 'What...?'

I'm Elise


Elise Finn

Co-Founder & Director

My experience has a foundation in family entrepreneurial businesses, where I learnt the commercial acumen which has served me so well. At the other end of the business scale, I spent 20+ years in high profile corporate roles, building a successful, challenging and exciting career. Here I faced the triumph and the challenges that come with high pressure, global, performance focused positions, managing large teams across time zones, working virtually and travelling non stop.

I have a deep understanding of the world of global, tech, software and financial businesses. I have recruited and led teams of up to 500 people, transformed operational functions, launched global brands and managed multi million pound budgets. I've worked with some amazing people and learnt a lot along my personal and professional journey.

Like everyone, I've had some good and some very bad days, I've made mistakes - big and small and these have proved to be my most valuable lessons. My successes, failures and sacrifices shape the person I am today. Join Me and read my regular insights

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