To create Major Account Planning in Hubspot

If you've read the previous post you'll know that my objective is to create Major Account Planning in Hubspot. I already know its not there. What follows is my progress as I thought it through and tried the various ideas to bring this to life.  


What's possible, and not possible, inside Hubspot CRM itself?
Hubspot is a very flexible tool, and an Admin user can add new fields and new field groups to their instance of Hubspot. New fields can be added to the three main viewpoints within Hubspot CRM, called 'Contacts', 'Customers' and 'Deals'. It's a relatively simple process and we've used this extensively in the past to fine tune Hubspot to meet the exact needs of sales team that'll use it. But, while we want some extra fields (places to store specific data) they are are not all that we'll need for this application. Because, when you think about it; Major Account Plans are a brand new viewpoint - one that combines 'Contacts' and 'Deals' with other data and then presents it through the lens of major 'Customers' (and Prospects). And so, after trying, I have had to admit that this won't work - we need more than extra fields.


Incidentally, it might to possible to build the richer set of data and content using the Content Management System in Hubspot. But then this costs circa $600 per month (and I think thats per editor) just for the potential to make it work. My objective is to deliver the potential and reality for much less than that figure. And, as I anticipate that ever member of the sales team (that could be a handful or dozens) will be editing and updating their customer records I want to find a solution which does not tie editing to a per user fee.  So Hubspot CMS was discounted. 


Can you create Major Account Planning using Hubspot Extensions?
I looked and looked. I was confident that someone would have made this, but they haven't, although  there are a few user requests for it. Maybe it's a limitation of the way Hubspot works, or its because Hubspot is really focusing upon B2C sales or low value transactions; these sort of sales models just don't need Major Account Planning.

When I looked closer I could see that most (if not all) of the Hubspot extensions are what I'll call bridges - they bridge from Hubspot to somewhere else. They pass data and ease integration, but fundamentally these Applications are not running inside Hubspot, they are connected to it. This is different to where many Addon Applications you can buy are actually embedded inside your Salesforce instance - they become part of it. Like I said,  it may be a difference in how Hubspot is created, but this is not what the Hubspot applications seem to do. But this got me thinking!

If Hubspot Applications are not embedded, but closely aligned and seamlessly linked - Can I find a Major Account Planning tool that can be linked to Hubspot?

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