"If you have more than 3 editors or contributors on your Joomla! site, you need Frontend Editing Control".

Too many of the most useful functions for site editors are in the backend of Joomla - and this is not a place Content Editors! With Smart Content Manager and Smart Media Manager from our Frontend Editing Suite your editors can have full control over the content of your site without using Joomla backend.

Smart Content Manager Component - Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5

Frontend Editing Control

Now you can create and manage your content from the Front End of Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5.

Smart Content Manager Component gives your (front end) editors a single screen interface to ...

  • Create new articles
  • Edit existing articles
  • Publish or un-publish articles
  • View all articles, or just their own, or filter by category or name
  • Create/clone/copy articles (a real time saver)
  • Archive and delete articles
If you have allowed them ACL privileges, your front end Editors can also
  • Create new categories
  • Edit existing category names and descriptions
  • Publish or un-publish categories
  • View all categories, or filter by name
  • Create/clone/make copies of existing categories
  • Delete existing categories
All of the above is available in the Front End so that your editors can concentrate upon their content and don't even have to learn the back end systems. Our component works and has been tested with many of the Joomla WYSIWYG Editors.
Smart Content Manager has taken us a long time to develop and hone, using it on major sites with hundreds of Editors and on smaller sites with a couple of Editors. That's why we ask for a small contribution for support.

For users who have multiple sites, we have an extended licence for unlimited use on sites that you control and including 12 months of updates to later versions.

We also have a free version of Smart Content Manager. It's an earlier release and does not have full ACL, Language files, and some other features but does deliver much of the functionality. This version is offered to allow you to trial the component, but does not include support. You will need to register first, and then the download is free.

Introductory Video of Smart Media Manager including the optional Versioning Pugin

NB: Smart Content Manager Component can even be extended with our Smart Content Versioning Plugin, which keeps a record of all versions of your content so that you can backtrack to a previous version if needed - again all from the Front End.


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