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We believe, that if you have more than 3 editors or contributors on your Joomla! site, you need our Frontend Editing Control" tools. The reason we think this is simple; many of the most useful functions for site editors are in the backend of Joomla - and this is not an area you want to open to Content Editors - unless absolutely necessary. Using Smart Content Manager, Smart Media Manager and other tools in our Frontend Editing Suite your editors can have full control over the content of your site without ever having seen the Joomla backend.

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Smart Content Manager Component - Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5

Frontend Editing Control

Now you can create and manage your content from the Front End of Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5.

Smart Content Manager Component gives your (front end) editors a single screen interface to ...

  • Create new articles
  • Edit existing articles
  • Publish or un-publish articles
  • View all articles, or just their own, or filter by category or name
  • Create/clone/copy articles (a real time saver)
  • Archive and delete articles
If you have allowed them ACL privileges, your front end Editors can also
  • Create new categories
  • Edit existing category names and descriptions
  • Publish or un-publish categories
  • View all categories, or filter by name
  • Create/clone/make copies of existing categories
  • Delete existing categories
All of the above is available in the Front End so that your editors can concentrate upon their content and don't even have to learn the back end systems. Our component works and has been tested with many of the Joomla WYSIWYG Editors.
Smart Content Manager has taken us a long time to develop and hone, using it on major sites with hundreds of Editors and on smaller sites with a couple of Editors. That's why we ask for a small contribution for support.

For users who have multiple sites, we have an extended licence for unlimited use on sites that you control and including 12 months of updates to later versions.

We also have a free version of Smart Content Manager. It's an earlier release and does not have full ACL, Language files, and some other features but does deliver much of the functionality. This version is offered to allow you to trial the component, but does not include support. You will need to register first, and then the download is free.

Introductory Video of Smart Media Manager including the optional Versioning Pugin

NB: Smart Content Manager Component can even be extended with our Smart Content Versioning Plugin, which keeps a record of all versions of your content so that you can backtrack to a previous version if needed - again all from the Front End.



Smart Content Manager - Versioning Plugin - Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5

Frontend Editing Control

With this plugin we have enhanced the functionality if the Frontend Content Manager to include Versioning. This is an essential feature for all sites that have lots of articles or lots of editors. At last, no more mistakes which mean that you loose your entire article. With this plugin each time you save your articles they will be stored as a version in the database. For each article you can see how many versions there are, you can preview previous versions and revert to a previous version too. You can also delete old versions if you want too.


  • Automatically stores a version of every article
  • Preview old versions
  • Restore/Revert to an old version.
The Smart Frontend Content Manager Versioning Plugin must be used along with our Frontend Content Component.
Dowload today for just €10 plus VAT (if you are in the EU)



Smart Content Manager - Frontend Module Editor

Frontend Editing Control

With this plugin we have enhanced the functionality if the Frontend Content Manager to include Module editing from the Frontend. Of course you can't edit all modules, as most are designed with specific purposes and functions. But you can create Custom HTML modules in the backend, which you can place around your Joomla site in the normal way, and edit them freely from the frontend. .


  • Allows editing of Custom HTML modules in frontend
  • Full editing features available
  • Inline editing for quick updates
  • Full ACL control over which users can edit
The Smart Frontend Module Editing must be used along with our Frontend Content Component.
Dowload today for just €10 plus VAT (if you are in the EU)



Smart Content Manager - Frontend Module Editor Help

Frontend Editing Control

The Smart Content Manager Module plug-in allows front-end users to edit permitted custom HTML modules without the need for Admin access.

List Module view
Editing a custom HTML module
What do the icons mean?

Once the plug-in is enabled, front-end users will have an additional 'List Modules' option in the 'Select View' drop-down in the Smart Content Manager:

module help1

Selecting this option will display a list of custom HTML modules (see example below) on which a series of actions can be performed:

module help2

Editing a custom HTML module

A custom HTML module can be edited as follows:

1) Quick Edits: While in 'List Modules' view, click on the title of the required module and its contents are displayed in a modal window. To edit the module, you simply need to click on the edit icon beside the title which opens the module for editing. If you do not wish to make edits at this point, click the Close button.

module help3

 On clicking the edit icon, the following screen is displayed in a popup window:

module help4

Here, you can very easily make quick edits - changes to the module title or text and/or images in the content area, by simply editing these fields and clicking either Apply to leave the module open for further edits, or clicking Save & Close to save your changes and close the edit window.

Should you wish to make more complex changes to the module from this screen, e.g. to its menu assignment or its publishing state etc., click on the link referred to in the message above the module title where further controls will be available to you:

module help5


2) Full Edits: Alternatively, if you know from the outset that you will need access to all edit controls, as you wish to make more than just a quick change to the title or text of a module, then you can click directly on the edit icon under Actions to have all controls available to you from the very beginning of your edit session: 

edit icon

This action opens the following screen:

module help6

Here, you can make changes to the title and text, as well as to more complex controls like the module position and ordering, menu assignment, access level etc.

3) Edits in situ:
Users can also edit a module directly from the module's displayed position by clicking on the edit icon there - provided this option is enabled:

module help9

To enable this option, the edit icon button must be enabled at front-end level in the module. This can be configured to permit some, or even all users to see the edit icon in this position. To add the edit icon button, the Smart Module Edit button must be set to 'Add' in the general tab for that module:

module help7

Similarly, to disable this option simply click Remove then save your change and the edit icon will not be displayed in that module position.

When a user uses this editing method, the 'quick-edit' popup is displayed as outlined in point 1 above.

Any of the above edit methods will allow you to edit your custom HTML module quickly and easily from the front-end.


What do the icons mean?

There are a number of icons displayed under the Actions column which allow you to perform further tasks:

module help8


Icon  Symbol  


 Alternate State
Information Icon Hover over this icon to display pertinent data about the module, e.g.  ID number, access level and other useful details.   
Edit Icon Allows users to edit the module. Displays in alternate blue colour when item is not published (see right).

Publish Icon Shows module is published. Click to unpublish.

Trash Icon Shows that the module is not deleted/trashed. To change the state, click on the icon and it deletes/trashes the module. The module can be restored if necessary.
Clone/Copy Icon Gives users the ability to duplicate a module. The module is prefixed with the text "Copy of " and placed in the same location as the original.   










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Smart Content Manager - Downloads Comparison Chart

Frontend Editing Control

90 Days, Single Site
90 Days, Unlimited sites
12 months, Unlimited Sites
Supported sites
V1 Alpha RC
Current (V.3.x)
Current (V.3.x)
Current (V.3.x)
Bug fixes
90 days
90 days
12 months
New versions
90 days
90 days
12 months
Extra costs for continued (unsupported) use beyond initial licence
Frontend Create, Edit , Clone, Archive and Publish Articles
Frontend Create, Edit Clone, and Publish Categories
Filter lists of Articles or Categories by user, title and more
Full ACL control of who can do what in which category
Multi-language feature support*
Frontend Article re-order 
Frontend promote to Frontpage
Optional Versioning Plugin - all article versions stored automatically
Optional Module Edit Plugin - allows Custom HTML modules to be edited from frontend

* NB: Smart Content Manager is only available in English. But as a standard MVC developed component you can create your own language file for our Component.


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