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We have been building Joomla sites for years, and some of our sites have become very BIG, with dozens (or hundreds) of editors and thousands of pages. Along the way we have learned a lot about what's needed to prepare to be big, and managing sites when they become big. Find out more in these pages.

We have developed components and plugins that help us - without them managing large sites is just too hard! After years of development, and private use by our clients, these are now available to download.




  • Thinking BIG ( 5 Articles )

    Are you planning, building or managing a BIG Joomla site?  There are things you need to consider. We should know, we've been building and managing massive Joomla sites for years.

Free Joomla! Addons

Here's something we do to spread the Joomla! love. These free Joomla addons are free to use on any Joomla site under GPL licence.


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