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This is a really simple module that delivers a useful feature. Whatever pages you publish the module on, it will hide the Edit Icon in the front end. For most of your front-end editors this will effectively prevent editing of that page from the front-end.

Of course this module is not really an ACL solution. There are plenty of these, but they are all quite complex (they have to be). This module is simply a CSS instruction to hide the Edit Icon. Yet despite its simplicity for most users, even Editors, this simple module will secure your page from front end editing.

So why would want to hide the Edit Icon from your front end editors? I can think of two reasons.

  1. To stop front-end edit of certain pages
  2. To stop the edit icon from causing your page design from being misaligned for all 'special' category users

Smart Edit Icon Hider is simplicity itself to use. Just install in the normal way and publish the module (in any position) on any page where you want to hide the edit icon. And that's it! There aren't even any parameters to set.


PS: We've had one request for a Joomla 1.6/1.7 version of this simple module. We haven't made it as Joomla now provides inbuilt granular control of ACL, so this little module is unnecessary. Having said that, the ACL is tough to get your head around, and we could upgrade this module to 1.6/1.7 (if we have others who ask us!)


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