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At Smart-Tactics we know that marketing is much more than promotion and events. Marketing starts with customers, opportunities, products and profit goals. It continues with planning and targeting until you move with decisive action.

We've helped our clients at just about every point on this journey. Much of what we do is bespoke and it defies simple description. So talk to us, particularly if you're in high tech markets or rental which are our home turf.


Smart Presentations

When its vital that you get your message getting across. When the chips are down and your presentation has to hit the spot. That's when you need to speak to us about your Smart Presentation. We'll discuss your audience and your pitch and help to make sure that you come away smiling. Whether its help with your words or visuals or approach, or you just want to practice in front of a professional. This a confidential service, delivered person to person using Skype, at a time to suit you.

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Smart Words

Sometimes the words just won't flow. Maybe you are caught inside so much technical jargon that its hard to create a clear message, a compelling article, a winning advertisment. Or maybe you want to inject a different style to excite your audience, a liberating breath of fresh air to stimulate them and win them over. We're writers, and we've written countless reports, white papers, advertisments and product descripitions. We are specialists with B2B messaging, particulary for technical products and software. Call us and talk about how we can help you.

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Managing a Rental business is unique challenge. Get it right and your Rental business can be amazingly profitable. I know I've done it. And I fell in love with the diverse complexities of Fleet Acquisition, Rental Software, Rental Operations, Fleet Depeciation, Remarketing and, of course, Rental Sales and Marketing. On this site you'll find blog posts that are a distillation of some key lessons I learned. They are the things I wished someone had told me when I was busy managing my business. They're also the hot topics I discuss with my consultancy clients. Go ahead, dive in. It's your rental business and your profits that have the most to gain.



Martin Finn

Founder & CEO

I started in a hi-tech business straight after University. I landed into the middle of a new technology cauldron driven by lower cost computing power. I was meeting customers who marveled at what new things they could do. But I could also see that others were struggling and failing to keep up. And the things that were changing fastest (then and now) are fundamental to all businesses; how things are bought and sold and how they were marketed. I remain fascinated at how technology keeps driving our marketing capability on and on.

Back then the technologies were rudimentary compared to today - but every age has its cutting edge. And market leaders are the ones who're at the cutting edge, taking maximum advantage of their new capabilities. They are doing the things that their competitors wished they could. The marketing hero's are the ones that can constantly re-invent what they do, and how they do it and stay at the cutting edge.

15 years ago we created Smart-Tactics to work with companies who want to do just that - and its been our great pleasure to work with a number of them. Over the years our Clients have included some of the largest companies on the planet. We've supplied them with ideas and insight and we've created systems that have been used around the world to drive $billions in sales. We've also worked with countless smaller businesses and start-ups. Helping them to take their first steps and launch into the future. 

It hasn't all been plain sailing. We've tasted defeat as well as victory. But that has made is stronger and wiser. We've had to take our own medicine more than once, adapting to thrive. We've seen products that were once our shining stars, dwindle or plummet from sight. So when you talk to us about your business, when you tell us of your aspirations, when you admit to your fears, we understand - we've been there too!

We have a simple phrase to describe what we do. 'Simply Improve Your Business'. So let's talk, about what you want to achieve.

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We are a Marketing Consultancy for the 21st Century. 'Simply Improve Your Business' to get closer to your customers, increase sales and profits.

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