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  • When your Joomla site gets BIG!

    Our smart services keep you in control

    Invest 60 seconds in the future of your Joomla site

    Take a minute and describe what you need most from your large Joomla site. Tell us about any problems you're facing. We'll come back to you quickly and honestly and tell you if we can help.

    When your Joomla site gets BIG! - Smart Tactics
    • Thousands of customers. You might have thousands of customers and you know that it's a mistake to think they are all the same. They want to be treated as individuals, and each of them wants something from you. We can help you develop a personalised service for your customers, and deliver it without breaking the bank or working 24/7.
      We'll help you to recognise your users, divide them into sub-groups and target them with content and features they want and need.
    • Empowering masses of editors You may have dozens (or hundreds) of editors or contributors. You're relying on them to keep your content lively and your site vibrant. But they're not Joomla! experts, and they're only really interested in reaching an audience. We'll get them on your side with training and support. We'll show your editors how to create the best content, engage users and demonstrate how popular their content has become.
    • Mastering boggling complexity You've probably added dozens of features, modules and components - and still your users want more! Joomla is so extendible, there is so much you can do, if only you had time and resources. We build custom components. We'll make your ideas into reality. And we'll tune your existing components with features that will make a real impact.

    Thomson Reuters has been really impressed with Smart Tactics. They have worked as a mission critical outsource partner in providing ... a number of our key internal and external facing community portals.

    Smart Tactics.. are a dynamic and energetic young company, innovative in their thinking and are highly collaborative.

    Smart Tactics.. have proven in their support of our needs that they are highly capable of supporting complex global requirements!

    Smart-Tactics - Experts in Joomla! for big business ... and businesses that want to be big!

    We develop and deploy sophisticated internet and intranet portals for use by big customers  - our premium sites are built upon upon a Joomla based core system we call The Power of Insight. We also create smaller sites too. We custom built components, plugins, modules and templates - some of these are available to download.